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Australia’s largest privately owned Home Loan lender, with over 25 years of expertise in making your dream home a reality

Inside the culture of Australia's largest privately owned Home Loan lender.

emoney is Australia’s largest privately owned Home Loan lender. With over 25 years in the industry, we provide quality residential lending solutions, delivering flexible solutions, competitive rates, and exceptional service to borrowers from all walks of life.

From our head office on the Gold Coast and beyond, our lending specialists service customers nationwide; guiding them through the home loan process from application to settlement and beyond.

With a focus on innovative technology, emoney has designed a new end-to-end digital app making emoney the leaders in easy and efficient home loan applications for not only their customers, but also their staff. As emoney move to introducing Open Banking in the near future, they are sure to be the leaders in Australian Home Loans.

Our office-based team benefit from a collegial atmosphere where we regularly come together for training, mentoring, sharing knowledge and insights, and celebrating wins. With uncapped earning potential, our supportive team environment helps each of our lending specialists to reach new heights and over-achieve individual and collective goals.

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