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We’re the lender with real options

Next Home Buyer

We’re the lender with real options

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    Whatever the reason to sell and purchase again, emoney can help

    Whatever the reason to sell and purchase again, at emoney Home Loans we know that there is no such thing as a one-size fits all solution. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs and find you the very best mortgage for your next home. Did you know we have access to hundreds of fully featured home loans? This means you can be confident that we will find you the best home loan solution.

    Features of your Home Loan

    When choosing a new home loan, there is more to consider than just the interest rate. Many home loans offer additional features that can help you save on interest repayments, reduce your mortgage term and provide you with flexibility to handle whatever life throws at you.

    Offset account

    One of the more popular features is an offset account. It operates like a savings account that is directly linked to your home loan. Any money in your offset account reduces the interest charged on your linked home loan.

    Redraw facility

    This feature is typically found with home loans that allow extra repayments, although it is unusual to have a redraw facility as part of a fixed rate home loan. A redraw facility allows you to withdraw funds from the extra repayments you have made.

    Extra repayments

    Traditionally only available with variable rate home loans, some fixed rate loans now offer this feature. Extra repayments allow you to pay additional sums on top of your regular repayments to bring down the principal and in so doing, pay less interest.

    Split loan

    With a split loan you divide your home loan into a fixed portion and a variable portion. This can give you the stability of a fixed interest rate, with the benefits of possible interest rate reductions and other features associated with variable rate home loans.

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